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Strong Out the Gates

The Carolina Business Alliance held its first member exclusive networking event.

It was a huge success with a turnout of nearly 70 people. Everyone enjoyed the view of Uptown Charlotte from the 10th story in Method's event space. Authentic Indian cuisine came from Godavari Charlotte and there was an assortment of beer, wine, and expresso drinks.

Joel Puthoff owner of Purform, with a newly created sanitization product, made a good connection with Sal Toscano, CEO of BioArmor, a local distributor of such products. Members such as Puttali Pyaram, owner of the Economy Inn, and Varun Patel, owner of Motel 6, had a good conversation about post-pandemic challenges facing hotel owners. Eric Kirsch, owner of Chi Logistics and Venkat Duddukuri, CEO of GENEMS talked about a potential technology solution.

Leadership got up on stage to discuss membership perks and grant opportunities for small business. There was a brief but informative presentation about commercial real estate investing from Hemal Badiani, founder and CEO of Exponential Equity. Members were strongly encouraged to participate in the shaping of CBA moving forward.

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